Development of a portal for refugees
Six weeks from kickoff to launch

Contracting of an NGO expert
Conception of information structure
Content development and editing
Support for translation workflow
Establishment of portal in 17 languages
Migration to a new home

Important information for people in need

The refugee movement to Europe presents many people with great challenges – especially the refugees themselves. To make their arrival in Germany easier, Deutsche Telekom has launched a refugee portal under the joint leadership of THE DIGITALE and its business owner T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS).

Hundreds of thousands of people arrived in Germany in the summer of 2015. The need of the refugees for help is great, valid information and information addressed to the refugees in simple language are rare. This is where Deutsche Telekom wants to start and establish an information platform on which refugees can find answers to frequently asked questions, explanations of asylum procedures and an orientation guide for life in Germany.

Information for refugees on the Hotspot homepage

The new information platform will also serve as the home page for the WLAN hotspots that Deutsche Telekom is setting up nationwide in numerous initial reception facilities. Refugees can use the WLAN free of charge and thus stay in contact with families and friends.n.

The most important factor and at the same time the greatest challenge of the project is time. In order to provide people with the information they needed as quickly as possible, T-Systems, in collaboration with THE DIGITALE, set up the website within a very short time using the CoreMedia content management system. Start of the project: 04 September 2015 – Launch: four weeks later.

Information on asylum procedures and living in Germany

As a strategy and content partner, THE DIGITALE simultaneously provides with local information on the initial reception facilities, a guide through the asylum procedure and a wealth of information on the right to stay, living, living and working in Germany. The texts are validated by lawyers and prepared in close cooperation with experts. Personal qualitative surveys and workshops with fugitives help to adapt the portal specifically to the needs of the target group. The website is continuously updated and adapted to changing circumstances.

Current news for the refugees

Since 2016, has also been providing information in the news section about current events that are relevant to the target groups. To this end, the editorial team works closely with Deutsche Welle, which provides the refugee portal with current news via info boxes and links. High Google rankings in the relevant subject areas, a positive reception in the target group as well as mobile increasing call-off figures show that the topic has not lost relevance and explosiveness and that the platform has developed into a relevant source of information for the target group.