The four competences of content marketing

Content marketing is more than just content. Successful content marketing results from the interaction of different disciplines. You want to know how content marketing works as a complete package from one source? Let us explain to you how we successfully design content marketing at THE DIGITALE.

Overview of the four competences

  1. Strategy & Concept
  2. Technology
  3. Editorial & Social
  4. Promotion & Traffic

Decisive for the success of measures are strategy & concept, technology, editorial & social and promotion. At THE DIGITALE we offer a 360-degree service: one agency, one comprehensive solution. Our approach is based on four pillars, which simultaneously form a cycle – we present this to you here.

1. Strategy & Concept

Data is the basis of every implemented content marketing measure. No matter whether design, concept or technology, all decisions are derived from the relevant data, which are determined in big data analyses. This includes the external top view of existing sites, target groups and competitors, as well as the analysis of internal tracking data.

From the interpretation of the data, a strategy and a concept can be derived with the customer’s goals. For such long-term measures as content marketing, a planned and strategic approach is very relevant for success. The concept leads to concrete, operationalisable recommendations for measures, content formats, platform recommendations and user journeys.

2. Technology

Based on the analysis and strategy, the technical development takes place: web or app solutions, designs and user experiences. Why is technology so important? It is the vehicle with which content can become successful. Technology must ensure that pages are optimised for mobile use, that loading times are as short as possible or that the page can be easily maintained by the content managers. Technology also includes the use of the right analytics systems, such as website tracking, social monitoring and testing tools.

3. Editorial & Social

Content has to work – that means it has to contribute to the customer’s goals. From this it can be deduced which is the “right” content. Whether text, image or video. Whether as blog articles, for native advertising teasers or social media channels. Here too, the content is derived from the data. For which keywords must be optimized? Which content pieces best serve the Facebook algorithm (and increase the organic reach)? and which target audiences are addressed? Given journalistic competence and a high level of understanding of content, the content can be derived from a database in a very targeted manner.

4. Promotion & Traffic

Content is King, Distribution is Queen – the best content only works if it is served to the target group in a way that is tailored to their needs. The promotion channels and tools are quite diverse: From newsletters, SEO, native advertising and various social media channels, it is necessary to select those that are best suited and ensure that the content creates the maximum effect.

Here, too, one success criterion is the data-driven approach. For example, we create up to 30 different teasers per content piece for a channel, which we then race against each other to find the one with the highest conversion. Test, learn and adapt is an important success criterion to achieve the best possible CPCs.

Thus, all four disciplines described contribute significantly to making content marketing successful. We would like to tell you more and help you to solve your specific challenges.

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