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Marketing Dashboards: Your salvation in the metrics flood

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Hero Kid transformiert viele Zahlen in ein übersichtliches Dashboard

Digital Marketing Dashboards made by The Digitale

Display Advertising, Google Analytics, Social Media, Video, Web, Email and and and: The next monthly reporting is coming up and you’re supposed to show what you and your team achieved last month. But you’re in danger of drowning in the growing flood of metrics and different channels.

But rescue is at hand! With our digital marketing dashboards solutions and online teams, you can keep track of your KPIs and confidently prove the success of your work in digital marketing.

Big Data – curse and blessing

Your tools provide you with figures for online and offline channels, but their sheer abundance makes it difficult for you to identify the KPIs that are important for your goals?

You’re probably facing these or similar problems right now, otherwise you wouldn’t have wanted to find this page. And probably at least one of the following questions brought you here:

  • How can I turn the KPIs from my tools into understandable and target-oriented reporting as quickly and easily as possible?
  • How can I use my KPIs to make tactical and strategic decisions?
  • How can metrics be used to make tactical and strategic decisions?
  • Which metrics are the real drivers to increase ROAS and ROI?

The Solution: Meaningful Analytics Data & Marketing Dashboards

This is exactly where our services come in. Because our analysis and business intelligence solutions ensure faster and better decisions for you and the digital teams in your company. Our online marketing dashboards are perfectly suited to clearly display the most important marketing channels such as search engines (Google Analytics), social media, display advertising or direct marketing, PR, communication and social commerce.

Clear. Simple. Daily.

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Marketing Dashboards: So funktioniert es

To make marketing dashboards or KPI dashboards useful for you, we need to find answers to the following questions together with you:

What are the most important metrics of your websites, also called key performance indicators or KPIs? What metrics drive these KPIs? How do we design the KPI dashboard? For this purpose, we will hold at least one workshop with you and your colleagues, in which we will critically examine precisely these questions and work out the answers together with you.

The highlights of our solution:

Meaningful visualization of data for strategic and tactical decisions.
Across all data pots and channels (even “old” systems without programmatic interface can be served)
Increased performance and efficiency e.g. of marketing, communication or sales teams
Comprehensive consulting on management of data, security and data protection

And there, of course, we will also discuss the topic of data protection. After all, this topic has been at the top of marketers’ agendas – and certainly yours, too – and not just since DSGVO. That’s why we have developed solutions in our agency that have been accepted as compliant by data protection officers in leading companies such as Deutsche Telekom. And they are sure to convince your data protection department as well.
Datenwuellen, die in einem übersichtlichen Dashboard eingebunden werden können

Platforms & interfaces

Which tools and interfaces can we use to collect this data for you and make it usable? Which data sources are available or have to be created first? The KPI dashboard solutions we use already have a huge number of preconfigured connectors “out of the box”, for example for:

  • Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more.
  • Search marketing providers like Google Adwords, Yahoo! or Microsoft Bing
  • Online marketing providers like Google Ads & Doubleclick, Outbrain or Taboola
  • CRM and marketing automation systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot or Sendinblue
  • Web analytics such as eTracker, Google Analytics Mapp / Webtrekk or Matomo
  • Search tools such as Google Search Console, Sistrix or Searchmetrics
  • Store systems like Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce

Your tool is not listed? No problem, we can certainly connect it for you.

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KPI Dashboards for more success in marketing