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Sensational 86 points in customer satisfaction survey 2018 – 115% above industry standard*

*Source: Surveymonkey 2017, “professional services companies

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THE DIGITALE – a 100 % subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

We combine the speed and passion of a startup with the power and trust of Deutsche Telekom. What does that mean for you? We can make your digital marketing faster, better and safer.

We are not just another agency! We are your skilled partner. Together we will maximize the success of your digital marketing. We work agile, flexible and hand in hand with you – without any hassle and budget friendly.  

We love what we’re doing and we’re having startup spirit running through our veins. We are putting the most modern digital methods to work – similar to the most successful companies in the world. That’s why we are faster and more effective than nearly everyone else. If there’s one thing you can believe, it’s this: We are only satisfied if you are, too!

Since we are part of the Deutsche Telekom know everything about compliance and data protection. Therefore, we understand the requirements of large enterprises and medium-sized companies perfectly. We know what works – and what does not. Thus we can keep you safe and you can focus on on your business without worries.

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Let’s be honest: Do you and your partners really use the full scope of your digital tools’ A/B-testing capabilities consistently? We can only speak for ourselves, but we do so. Always and together with you. All our strategies, concepts and works are built on the same foundation of data. In order to gather all available information, we apply modern tools and methods. Furthermore, we process the collected data in order to make it easy to use. This way we are able to increase the success of your projects significantly – and we can prove it with data.
We are constantly optimizing your campaigns, technologies, and content – in order to do so, we define what “better” really means together with you before starting a project. Our KPI are always based on your objectives and we distinguish between important metrics and KPI that are relevant for success. Depending on your goals this can vary greatly.
Do you already have a KPI-model or scorecard? Great, then let’s get started right away.
Everybody is talking about digital methods, but only a few are really putting them to work. Sending a PDF via email is far from a digital process. However, the digital world is moving fast and conditions are changing constantly. To stay competitive, new methods are vital.

We are using Design Thinking, Kanban and Scrum – for truly digital processes. Our mindset is digital from end-to-end: It’s all about knowing instead of believing – using transparent, digital tools. It’s about making mistakes and learning from them. That’s how we constantly improve and get better. It’s also about passion, excellence and even fun.

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Dominique Korschinek 


I’m responsible for Strategy, Business Development und Project/Accountmanagement.

Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth


My teams develop analyses, concepts, strategies, code, content and promotion for you.

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