Telekom Sustainability: Rethinking exhibition stands – extending analog into digital

The challenge: How do you create an exhibition stand that attracts a high level of attention and gives the user the opportunity to acquire relevant information intuitively and independently? For this purpose, the world of information should be extended into the digital world and only the most important entry points should be teased in analog form in order to provide visitors with concise entry points.

Exhibition stand “Sustainability due to digitalization” 

A successful exhibition stand surprises, fascinates and informs. The potential and possibilities are enormous. An exhibition stand on the topic of “Sustainability due to digitalization” was to be designed for Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom sells various solutions for companies in sustainability management. With these solutions, companies can achieve their ecological goals, fulfill their obligations and operate sustainably. 

The exhibition stand should:  

  • attract maximum attention 
  • showcase Deutsche Telekom’s portfolio
  • position Deutsche Telekom as a trustworthy partner


  • Design an attention-grabbing exhibit that considers sustainability aspects in its production 
  • Structuring the service portfolio and giving it a meaningful illustration 
  • Goal: Generating leads 

We used these services

Analytics & BI

Strategy & Conception

Design, UX, Conversion
Content & Editorial
Development & CMS

Marketing & Promotion

What it’s all about 

What does a successful B2B exhibition stand in sustainability management look like? 

Everyone knows the game of Jenga. Stone by stone is removed from the wooden tower until it collapses. A powerful symbolism that can also be applied to our current ecosystem. The tower represents our ecological and economical system. Resources are extracted and destabilize our system. 

Our idea: an oversized wooden tower with a Jenga look as an exhibit that attracts visitors.

The wooden structure appears unstable. Individual additional bricks – branded in Telekom CI – symbolize the Telekom solutions that help to stabilize the tower again. 

We use hashtags and QR codes to extend the customer journey and direct them to targeted landing pages. We use these to collect data and suitable leads. 

In addition, an exhibition wall is designed that summarizes the service portfolio in a meaningful and efficient way – and creates meaningful entry points from the user’s perspective. Here, too, the customer journey is extended by using QR codes and iPads. 

The entire exhibition stand, including the exhibit, is sustainably produced and can be transported, set up and dismantled quickly and easily by the on-site Telekom team.

Standskizze Telekom Nachhaltigkeitsstand


  • Website traffic increased by 200% during the exhibition period

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