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As a marketing or communication decision-maker in SMEs or corporations, you face a variety of challenges with SEO and content marketing: the developing a comprehensive digital strategy, the seamlessly integratingon of different channels in online marketing, maintaining a consistent brand message in content marketing, creating effective content across all channels, and the managing your agency.

To achieve sustainable success, your content needs to rank at the top of page 1 in search engines. Many agencies promise this, but who really keeps these promises?

We understand your challenges, and our experienced SEO experts will help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Success with SEO: how it works

The right keywords
Choosing the right keywords is crucial to the success of your SEO strategy. It’s about optimizing the right terms to maximize both reach and relevance. As a full-service agency, we offer comprehensive keyword research to identify the most relevant search terms for your website, thereby increasing visibility in the context of online marketing.

Content that inspires users
At our agency, we create content every day that is optimized for these keywords according to best practices. The result is high-quality content tailored to the defined keywords, ensuring better rankings and more traffic. Our content marketing strategy ensures that your content is appealing to both search engines and users, and it works perfectly for other online marketing channels. Simply the best content marketing.

SEO info architecture: more structure for better rankings
The structure of content plays a key role in SEO performance. We optimize navigation and ensure a logical distribution of “link juice” to maximize the importance and relevance of each page.

SEO technology: Enabling optimal crawling.
Through technical analysis and optimization, we ensure that the content can be efficiently crawled and indexed by search engines. We create the best possible technical basis by optimizing the URL structure, meta information, sitemaps and loading times.

Link building: generating high-quality links
Sustainable and secure link building strategies ensure that your content rises to the top of the search results. We build high-quality backlinks and optimize internal linking in order to optimally distribute the “link juice”.

We have already implemented successful SEO solutions for these clients:

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Deep dive: this is how we proceed

SEO audit & technical analysis

  • Site performance: Identify the technical status quo through comprehensive analysis.
  • Mobile optimization: Adaptation for mobile devices.
  • Crawlability and indexing: Ensuring that search engines can crawl and index the pages.
  • URL structure: Optimization for search engine-friendly URLs with meaningful keywords.
  • Meta tags: Checking unique, relevant and appealing tags.
  • Sitemaps: Creation of an XML sitemap for more efficient indexing by search engines.
  • 404 errors: Checking for 404 errors and correct redirection.
  • Internal linking: Structured internal linking with relevant anchor texts.
  • Loading times: Status quo of loading times and use of best practices such as CDN or caching techniques.
  • Server response times: Optimization of server response times.
  • Superfluous/too much source code: Reduction of superfluous CSS and JavaScript.
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The path to a keyword strategy

Goals & status quo:

Joint definition of goals and review of the status quo.



Comprehensive keyword research with various tools and competitor analysis.

Categorization & scoring:

Classification of keywords into categories and scoring according to goals and business values.


Definition of a content plan. Integration of the selected keywords into the website structure and the content plan.

How to make content successful

Goal definition:

Define clear goals and target groups. What acceptance criteria apply to the content?


SEO analysis to determine user intent, topics, keyword SERPs and user questions. Clustering of keywords and definition of the recommended amount of text.


Identification of working titles, pain points and relevant topics. Include competitor screening and expertise of content managers/authors.

Storyline according to the EPLT model:

  • Empathy: Address the user and make them feel understood.
  • Problem: Highlight the user’s challenges.
  • Solution: Offer clear solutions.
  • Testimonial: Strengthen trust through customer testimonials, partner logos and certificates.

Still the measure of all things: links, links, links

Link building and off-page optimization

A sustainable and secure link building strategy is essential for long-term success in the search results. We develop customized strategies that build high-quality backlinks and bring your website to the top of the search results. Our experienced team of link building experts works with powerful and reputable partners who are always familiar with the latest SEO developments. Through targeted measures and our SEO know-how, we ensure that your content is linked to from other high-quality sites, which increases the authority and relevance of your site.

Internal linking

Internal linking plays an important role in the distribution of “link juice” within your website. We analyze the existing link structure and optimize it to ensure better navigation and user experience. This includes the use of relevant anchor texts and the strategic placement of internal links to make it easier for users to access important pages and content. Well-designed internal linking helps users better navigate your website and helps search engines better understand and rank the content and structure of your site.

More success with SEO

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why should I hire an SEO agency?

A professional SEO agency has the necessary know-how and experience to optimally plan and implement the SEO optimization of your website. Through targeted SEO measures, we improve visibility, which leads to more organic traffic and better rankings in search engines.

What makes a good SEO agency?

A good SEO agency is characterized by transparent work processes, demonstrable success and a deep understanding of your requirements. We offer customized strategies and tactics that are specifically tailored to your website and your goals.

What are the benefits of SEO analysis?

Our SEO analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your website. We examine the current SEO performance, meta information, loading times and much more. This detailed analysis is the first step towards your SEO success.

Why is meta information important for your website?

It plays an important role in search engine optimization. It helps search engines to better understand the content of your website and positively influences the ranking in the search results.

How do we support SMEs with search engine optimization?

We offer customized SEO strategies for SMEs. Our SEO experts work closely with you to identify and solve the specific challenges of your website. Our SEO consulting is designed to position your company sustainably in the digital space and thus become a “SEO company”.

What does our technical SEO analysis include?

Our technical SEO analysis includes checking the crawlability and indexing of your website, optimizing the URL structure, improving loading times and checking meta tags. This ensures that your website functions technically flawlessly and is optimally indexed by search engines. Technical SEO is an essential part of our SEO services.

What is keyword research, and why is it important?

Keyword research identifies the most important search terms that potential customers use to find your services or products. This is the basis for an effective SEO strategy. With the right keywords, we achieve better rankings and more traffic for your website. Our Munich SEO agency uses state-of-the-art tools to identify and use the recommended keywords.

How do we improve your website’s content strategy?

Our SEO experts develop a customized content strategy based on the identified keywords. This includes creating and optimizing content that is relevant and engaging for both search engines and your target audience. This is crucial for the success of your SEO measures.

How does link building work, and why is it important?

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization. By building high-quality backlinks from other websites, we increase the authority and visibility of your website. Good internal linking also helps to distribute the “link juice” optimally and improve navigation for users. Off-page optimization and on-page optimization are equally important.

Do you also offer SEO for online stores and e-commerce?

Yes, our Munich SEO agency works with specialized partners to provide SEO services for online stores and e-commerce websites. These partners understand the specific requirements of these platforms and help optimize your website to drive more organic traffic and higher conversion rates. Together, we ensure that your e-commerce business is successful in the digital space.

What makes your SEO consulting different from other providers?

Our SEO consulting is characterized by a holistic approach. We offer a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your website, develop a customized SEO strategy and support you in the implementation of all SEO measures. Our Performance Suite also offers detailed monitoring and adjustment of your SEO activities.

How do you ensure SEO success?

Our approach is based on continuous monitoring and adjustment of the SEO strategy. We use modern SEO tools to monitor the performance of your website and ensure that all measures are delivering the desired results. With our SEO analysis and regular reports, we always keep you up to date.

What SEO services do you offer for international SEO?

Our Munich SEO agency also offers international SEO services. We optimize your website for different languages and markets to ensure that your business is visible worldwide. International SEO requires special strategies that we develop individually for you.

Do you offer local SEO?

Although we do not offer local SEO services ourselves, we work closely with trusted partners in different cities and markets who specialize in local SEO: Your local SEO agency at the touch of a button, so to speak. These partners have the necessary expertise to strengthen your local presence and ensure that your business is visible in local search results. We are happy to put you in touch with these experts to offer you the best possible support.

What is the difference between an online marketing agency and an SEO agency?

An online marketing agency focuses on a variety of different channels to strengthen a company’s online presence. These include social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, Google Ads and more. An SEO agency, on the other hand, specializes exclusively in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website’s visibility in organic search results. We have experience in both roles and offer both comprehensive online marketing strategies and specialized SEO services to best meet your individual needs.

Other Services

Analytics & BI

Efficient analyses and a transparent presentation of the relevant data are crucial for the success of digital marketing projects and campaigns.

Strategy & Conception

With proper data, innovative tools, agile methods and our experienced team we create concepts that make success not only plannable but also measurable.

Content & Editorial

Our editorial team of experienced journalists knows how to tell stories and draws on our high SEO and marketing expertise when creating content.

Design, UX, Conversion

Through our data-based approach we create a user experience that helps you to achieve your goals more efficiently and easily.

Development & CMS

Your technology should not dictate your strategy. We can help you analyze and optimize your existing technology.

Marketing & Promotion

We are not just interested in clicks, but in relevant traffic. That’s why we have developed our own growth hacking strategies that give your content extremely high reach.