Dominique Korschinek

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait von The Digitale CEO Dominique Korschinek

As managing director of THE DIGITALE, Dominique Korschinek is responsible for the direction and development of The Digitale, to always offer the best solutions for successful digital marketing on the market. In addition, he is responsible for key account and project management as well as business development. Born in Munich in 1980, Korschinek studied business administration in Augsburg and then worked for a large digital agency for several years, where he looked after clients such as BMW, SAP, DPD, SevenOnemedia, O2 and MediaSaturn. In 2010, he moved to the Hamburg-based Otto Group, where he was responsible for content-driven digital marketing projects such as the development of the YouTube channel and various campaign specials.

He has been working for THE DIGITALE since 2015 and, together with Peter-Bilz-Wohlgemuth (COO), manages the business of the content marketing agency, which successfully develops and implements digital marker campaigns for various major clients such as Allianz, Deutsche Telekom, Messe Munich and Microsoft.

“My passion belongs to well thought-out and planned content marketing projects that bring visible and above all measurable success,” says Dominique Korschinek. “My personal ambition is not always to present our customers with what they might want in the first step, but to offer them the solutions they really need to achieve their goals based on our Big Data analyses. We think the agency model differently and are a business partner at eye level for our clients”.

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