Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Portrait von The Digitale COO Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth

As Chief Operating Officer Peter is responsible for the analysis, content, conception, design, development and digital marketing of THE DIGITALE. The COO of THE DIGITALE, who was born much too early, has been working in the digital media since the end of the 90s. He has successfully led teams in the areas of product management, development and marketing on high traffic portals such as, Yahoo! Germany, (still the world’s most widely distributed content portal) the online portal of the Süddeutsche Zeitung or all digital travel products and portals of the German market leader MairDumont, e.g. Marcopolo or Peter is really proud of the fact that all of his stations were characterized by above-average growth in the relevant KPIs.

In these stations, he learned about current marketing strategies and tactics “from the ground up”, which he has been able to apply strategically and profitably ever since. He is particularly passionate about analytics systems and BI, conversion-promoting concepts, design and testing, but also SEO and SEA, social media and native advertising.

He joined The Digitale in 2015, initially as Head of Concept & Development. In mid-2016, the advisory board appointed him Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and member of the management board. Since then, he has managed the digital marketing agency together with Managing Director Dominique Korschinek. In the summer of 2017, he took over the role of COO, leading all creation teams at The Digitale.

Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth is also familiar with content: He studied communication and theatre studies and completed an editorial training course before switching to the “dark side of the force” and taking on commercial responsibility in leading positions in the media sector.

With his expertise and experience at major publishers, Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth has shaped the way The Digitale Content Marketing understands: High agility, KPI based, always strong in the relevant reach. “Our claim is not called ‘We make Digital Marketing work for your Business’ for nothing,” he says. “We develop and operate digital touchpoints that are designed to achieve our clients’ business objectives with maximum efficiency. This can only be achieved through an outstanding strategy based on comprehensive analyses, data-driven concepts and first-class creative and content”.

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