Facelift ISPO.com: A new ISPO design becomes reality

Implementing a new, uniform, integrated brand strategy for a large product portfolio with ongoing operations and a tight schedule – that was the challenge for ISPO.com, the website of ISPO, the leading sports network in the world. After all, ISPO.com is not only the presence of all brands in the sports trade fair organizer’s product portfolio in a very dynamic market, it is also the leading digital B2B2C medium in the sports world. The “sport-inspiring magazine” provides the most important news, trends and background information from the sports and sporting goods industry for the international sports business community and sports enthusiasts 365 days a year.

The challenge

The changed ISPO brand strategy had a massive impact on ISPO.com. Every logo, every individual CI of the extensive product portfolio had to be adapted to the new overarching ISPO.com brand. Basic colors, other colors, font, design and elements changed. As the ISPO sports trade fairs were advertised and prepared with the new CI at the same time, the website had to be converted within four months during ongoing operations.

As we have been working successfully with ISPO for many years, The Digitale was commissioned with the case. After an initial analysis, we suggested modernizing the backend of the website at the same time, making it more user-friendly and future-proof. This ensures that regular adjustments in the dynamic market are possible without any problems.


  • facelift in a very short time frame (2 sprints of 2 weeks each)
  • modern backend
  • better performance
  • easier usability
  • simpler customization options
Darstellung ISPO Design


The client’s wishes and goals for the relaunch were clear, the extremely tight time frame of four months was largely fixed – consequently, ISPO and The Digitale had to jointly define and prioritize the various tasks and set the time frame. During this process, we also suggested modernizing the backend of the website and making it future-proof. After all, in ISPO’s dynamic market environment, adjustments to the website are always to be expected, which are easier to implement with modern technology. ISPO also appreciated this. Due to the tight time frame, we were unable to build the new website in parallel and had to make the changes on the fly. As all elements had to be tackled, we planned two sprints of 2 weeks each.

In the first sprint, we created a hybrid version in which only the visual highlights of the entire product portfolio were changed. In other words, we replaced the various existing logos with the new uniform ISPO logo. At the same time, we changed the color elements according to the design draft. Finally, we adapted the font and all other colors. The advantage of this cautious relaunch was that users were able to slowly get used to the new brand strategy and were taken on board.

The second sprint was reserved for fine-tuning and the new technology. With Tailwind, we implemented a state-of-the-art technology that offers significantly improved performance and efficiency. Future changes to the website can be implemented more easily and efficiently. At the same time, we developed a modern UX design and adapted it to the new design, which significantly improves the user experience. The work of the editorial team has been made easier without fundamentally changing the tried-and-tested processes in their daily work.

We have used these services:

Analytics & BI

Strategy & Conception

Design, UX, Conversion

Content & Editing

Development & CMS

Marketing & Promotion


“We have been working very well with The Digitale for a long time and this time, too, everything ran like a well-oiled machine. I give them 5 out of 5 stars! Everything was super-structured, the timeframe and budget were met, all goals were achieved – high praise. And we’ve already received positive feedback from our customers.”

Saskia Rettenbacher

Deputy Director OutDoor by ISPO / ISPO Munich, Team Lead ISPO Expert Center


The Digitale successfully implemented the iterative process within the given time frame of four months and within budget. Thanks to the careful relaunch in two sprints, we were able to take the users with us and introduce them to the new ISPO CI. ISPO.com has now been completely converted to the new CI with the entire product portfolio. The performance and efficiency of the website have been significantly improved thanks to the implemented

future-proof state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, it can now be changed more easily and efficiently and adapted to changing CI requirements.

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