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Integration of Google Tag Manager & BI tool

Efficiently addressing customers digitally and winning them over to your own offering: this is the challenge facing Messe München, one of the world’s largest trade fair companies. It has representatives in 70 countries and organizes trade fairs in the areas of capital goods, technology and consumer goods. However, the growing portfolio was becoming too confusing. The group therefore commissioned The Digitale agency to manage and analyze the digital marketing measures on various Messe München websites more efficiently. Our agency suggested the integration of a central tag and monitoring tool, the Google Tag Manager. We also advised implementing one of the leading BI tools to visualize the big data pots. This is how we solved the task.

Challenges for the agency

The extensive digital marketing measures of the internationally active Messe München were complex, confusing and time-consuming. In addition, the flood of key figures made analysis, performance measurement and ultimately strategic and tactical decisions difficult. A modern solution was needed to improve the efficiency and control of these activities on all of Messe München’s websites. Messe München therefore commissioned The Digitale, the agency specializing in digital marketing and innovative solutions.

Our agency was to develop proposals for centralized monitoring of all marketing measures and implement the solution after close coordination. In addition, a single tool was to be used for control. With over 120 instances to manage and control, it was also essential to jointly define the requirements and create an innovative dashboard solution. As an agency, we were expected to ensure that the solution was future-proof and stable. The Google Tag Manager proposed by our agency met all the requirements for this project. We also recommended a leading BI tool to enable better handling of the data volumes.


  • Integration of Google Tag Manager on all trade fair pages, over 120 instances in total
  • Joint definition of requirements and evaluation of a dashboard solution
  • Development of the tracking architecture
  • Implementation and production of the tags and dashboards
  • Ongoing maintenance

These services we have used:

Analytics & BI

Strategy & Conception

Design, UX, Conversion

Content & Editorial

Development & CMS

Marketing & Promotion


  • +120 Tag Manager instances in Google Tag Manager bring massive improvements to marketing processes
  • Joint definition of requirements and evaluation of a dashboard solution
  • Development of the tracking architecture, implementation and production of the tags and dashboards as well as ongoing
  • maintenance


  • Integration of Google Tag Manager on all exhibition pages, a total of +120 instances, brings massive improvement to marketing processes
  • Dashboards bring clarity to the flood of key figures and allow sustainable tactical and strategic decisions
  • Significant increase in efficiency in measuring and optimizing digital marketing tactics

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