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Integration Google Tag Manager & BI Tool

Efficiently addressing customers digitally and winning them over to their own products and services: this is the challenge facing Messe München. In order to be able to control and analyse the digital marketing measures on the Messe München websites more efficiently, THE DIGITALE supports the group by integrating a central tagging and monitoring tool as well as a leading BI tool for visualising the big data pots.


  • Evaluation of a dashboard solution
  • Integration of the Google Tag Manager on all exhibition pages (over 100 instances)
  • Since then continuous support

These services we have used:

Analytics & BI

Strategy & Conception

Design, UX, Conversion

Content & Editorial

Development & CMS

Marketing & Promotion


  • Integration of the Google Tag Manager on all exhibition pages, +120 instances in total
  • Joint definition of requirements and evaluation of a dashboard solution
  • Development of the tracking architecture, implementation and production of the tags and dashboards as well as ongoing
  • maintenance


  • +120 tag manager instances bring massive improvement to marketing processes
  • Dashboards bring clarity to the flood of key figures and allow sustainable tactical and strategic decisions
  • Significant increase in efficiency in measuring and optimizing digital marketing tactics

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Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth

Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth

COO / Managing Partner

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