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A new newsroom for Allianz Deutschland AG

Allianz Deutschland AG relies on a newsroom concept in its corporate communications. The most important digital instrument is the website, developed in cooperation with THE DIGITALE, which reaches multipliers, journalists and customers alike and inspires them with journalistic storytelling.

Journalists, influencers, customers and non-customers are given an insight into the cosmos of Allianz and are thus bound to the brand. Content for the website is produced in the Allianz Germany newsroom for digital distribution or taken from other publications such as the award-winning magazine “1890” and optimized for the online edition.

A challenging part of this project was the relaunch of the website with an enterprise CMS solution and the establishment of a channel for storytelling. The result: the establishment as the central communication tool of Allianz.


  • Development and implementation CoreMedia
  • Content migration and creation
  • Establishment of B2C channel: “Tells. Explained. Experienced”
  • SEO and Social Optimization

These services we have used:

Analytics & BI

Strategy & Conception

Design, UX, Conversion

Content & Editorial

Development & CMS

Marketing & Promotion

This is what it’s about

Factual, technical, blue: this is how presented itself in the spring of 2015., which is primarily used as a platform for media information, has since its inception primarily addressed journalists and experts. This has changed fundamentally since the relaunch: became a storytelling platform on which the company tells interesting and relevant stories about the world of insurance. A sustainable and successful strategy that was honored with an Econ Award in 2016.

Content marketing strategy focuses on brand loyalty and conversions

In the course of the multi-phase strategy, reach and credibility were initially established. In the second phase, conversion, i.e. the sale of insurance products via links on, will play an increasing role. Prominently placed product boxes enable website visitors to be transferred to the sales site In this way, Corporate Communications works hand in hand with colleagues from Marketing.

Content management system enables efficient editorial operation

To enable the newsroom to act quickly and agilely, THE DIGITALE implemented the CoreMedia content management system, which is also used to operate high-reach sites like CoreMedia not only meets all security requirements, but is also designed to handle the highest load peaks. It thus offers the Allianz newsroom everything it needs to ensure the operation of a modern online magazine.

The design followed a mobile-first strategy, but desktop users also find a tidy page in a modern tile design. The clear page structure simplifies usability and, together with the speed of the website, ensures an excellent user experience on all devices.

Magazine concept with the sections “Narrated. Explained. Experienced.”

The focus of is the magazine section, which is divided into the sections “Erzählt”, “Erklärt” and “Erlebt”. This is where personal stories, reports and portraits of insured persons and Allianz partners are presented, useful advice and service topics are presented in multimedia format, and study results are explained in a clear way. The world of sports surrounding the Allianz partner FC Bayern and sponsoring activities such as the Paralympics also illuminate Allianz in exciting stories and attractive pictures.

The content strategy: added value for the user

The magazine articles do not necessarily focus on Allianz and its products – in many texts the company is not even mentioned. This is a strategic decision, because the new concept focuses primarily on the user: He should have an experience that makes him a returning reader and significantly increases the length of stay. And achieves this with stories that are prepared in an interesting way, offer the user relevant information and introduce him to the broad world of Allianz topics through strategic links – without wanting to immediately and directly submit an insurance policy to him.

The press area is still prominently linked, but no longer plays a central role. In the “Media Library” area, interested parties can find numerous videos and images for use, as well as Allianz’s printed booklets and brochures in PDF format.

THE DIGITALE as a full-service provider for the newsroom

The Allianz Germany Newsroom fills the site with editorial contributions on current and relevant topics. The editorial team of THE DIGITALE supports it in many ways, be it with CMS maintenance, search engine optimization of texts or the visual presentation of articles. In addition, personal CMS training and update briefings at the client’s headquarters in Unterföhring ensure that the Allianz team is kept technically up to date and can guarantee smooth operation at all times.

Allianz Germany and THE DIGITALE win ECON Award

In the area of corporate communications, Allianz Deutschland AG and THE DIGITALE won an ECON Award 2016 in bronze for

“Allianz Deutschland is convincing with a new approach to this remarkable Internet presence. The site becomes the central element of the storytelling. Here, stories are told in an entertaining and up-to-date way, creating a modern news magazine. In this way, the insurance company visibly establishes itself as a company that is in constant dialogue with customers and partners. The excellent usability and the fast access to important information make the site a valuable instrument of corporate communication.

Jury Econ Award 2016

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