Increase of the Digital Footprint
Rejuvenation of the target group

Development of a content marketing strategy
Development of product, content, IT and marketing concept and implementation
Optimization of technological platform (WordPress)
Establishment of content and promotion team and ongoing support
Traffic increase blog by +4,900%
45% increase in commitment
New conversion channel established in online shop
Screenshot des Schöffel Blogs
Schöffel: Screenshot des eines Blogposts

That’s what it’s about:

The owner-managed traditional company Schöffel from Schwabmünchen sees itself as the German market leader in outdoor and ski clothing, the slogan “Ich bin raus” (“I’m out”) stands for an attitude to life. THE DIGITALE’s content strategy helps the 200-year-old family-run business to present this in a contemporary way and on modern channels, thus opening up a younger target group.

Anyone who wants tips on hiking and mountaineering, on ski tours and via ferratas, but also on the right equipment for cycling, can now get practical tips directly from the outdoor experts. Content strategy leads to increased sales The blog, designed by THE DIGITALE, combines value and insights with outstanding visual language and strong natural motifs and has succeeded in clearly increasing the digital footprint, increasing sales via digital channels and strengthening the e-commerce sector.

The development of a content marketing strategy included the implementation of a product, content, IT and marketing concept as well as the optimization of the technological platform. In the operative business, THE DIGITALE also took over the editorial support of the blog after setting up the content team.

Traffic increase by 4,900 percent

The successes are significant: a 4,900 percent increase in traffic and a considerable increase in commitment to social networks (Facebook), and a new conversion channel has also been added to the online shop. The Native Advertising Model of THE DIGITALE is also an essential component of the strategy. And so it now says for “I’m out”: Schöffel is in – with success in the net.