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The digital B2B distribution channel recorded massive ranking losses despite ongoing technical optimization measures. Following our optimized strategy and the expansion of expertise in the Telekom team, significant increases in SEO traffic were recorded.


  • Development SEO optimization concept
  • SEO training and consulting
  • Creation of SEO content

These services we have used:

Analytics & BI

Strategy & Conception

Design, UX, Conversion

Content & Editorial

Development & CMS

Marketing & Promotion


  • Development of SEO optimization concept from a content and UX perspective
  • Training Sessions with Editors
  • Introduction of SEO-Tool, training of the MA
  • Ongoing SEO consulting
  • Creation of SEO content for the top keywords
  • Development of naming and SEO keyword list based on big data analysis
  • Development of strategy and channel recommendation for marketing


  • Optimized strategy and increase in team know-how
  • Visibility increased by 71 percent
  • Significant increase in SEO traffic

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Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth

Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth

COO / Managing Partner

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