Native advertising: first-class traffic with long-term effect

Today’s form of native advertising has only developed into one of the most successful marketing tools in the last ten years. In this Insight, you’ll learn how native advertising generates traffic, leads and awareness, and why you can benefit from low CPC prices.

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The rise of Native Advertising

Native advertising works. This is also proven by statistics from Adlikeyou, according to which Western European companies already invested more than USD 9 billion in this relatively new form of digital marketing in 2016. For the year 2020, almost 20 billion U.S. dollars in native advertising investments are even forecast for Western Europe.

There is a decisive reason for this rapid development: Native advertising has succeeded for the first time in picking up potential customers where genuine interest in a topic or product already arises from an intrinsic motivation. To turn this interest into a sale, you should definitely take advantage of native advertising – we’ll show you how.

Functionality and advantages of Native Advertising

To understand how this form of digital marketing works, our own definition of native advertising can provide some initial clarity:

Native advertising is targeting-supported and content-driven digital advertising with clear KPIs. It is played on (premium) platforms based on the interests of the user, which he uses frequently and with pleasure.”

We are therefore moving away from classic display advertising on websites to optimized content teasers on content-rich publisher platforms or in social media channels that work editorially and enjoy a high level of trust from their readers. Reputable news portals, online magazines with a wide reach, and special interest formats are particularly well suited for native advertising. Your advertising is placed in an editorial environment as an additional information opportunity and, in the best case, offers readers further added value on the topic or a solution to a very specific problem.

High engagement in a trusted environment

Many advertisements on the Internet are annoying simply because of their overwhelming abundance. Much of the advertising caters to the pushy nature of wanting to sell something at all costs. So it’s no wonder that the popularity of native advertising continues to grow. Users crave informative content.

Native ads penetrate the user’s consciousness and have a lasting effect there. This impact comes from personalized and optimized content teasers that pick up the user in a trusted media environment. With the help of retargeting, interested parties can then be addressed repeatedly to reinforce this effect.

Through our extensive experience and years of optimizing our filters and algorithms, we ensure that your ads only run on reputable platforms such as Spiegel Online,, Handelsblatt or even Computerwoche – this and strict quality control effectively prevent your brand from appearing on “bad neighborhood” websites.

Native advertising also allows the entire range of digital ads – from high-reach to conversion-driven ads.

Native Advertising: Publishers & Providers

The best-known providers for the technical implementation of native advertising campaigns are Taboola and Outbrain – we at The Digitale also mostly use these platforms for the creation and optimization of native ads. We place particular emphasis on optimization, as it is massively critical to success.

There are thousands of platforms available to you for the placement of Native Ads, among the reputable and high-reach publishers are: Spiegel Online, Focus, Welt, Bild, Chip, FAZ, Bunte, Handelsblatt, COMPUTERWOCHE, Stern and many more.

How to achieve maximum impact with Native Advertising

We don’t just create native ads for you, but also focus on optimization and the combination of image, text and call-to-action. Our content and digital marketing experts take a lot of time to test the various teaser variants using modern software. It is not uncommon for us to set up 40-50 variations and then have multivariate testing (tool-supported A/B/X) carried out. In this process we focus on the most important criteria of optimization: If the image and text achieve the highest CTR (click-through rate), the variant the lowest CPC (cost-per-click) and the highest conversion, the uplift of a campaign can even reach several hundred percent. Properly prepared and implemented, native advertising is therefore one of the most effective forms of advertising in our opinion.

We have already implemented successful campaigns for leading brands such as Allianz, Deutsche Telekom and Schöffel.

Summary: What Native Advertising can do

  • Native ads generate awareness, traffic and leads
  • Low prices (CPC) due to context-rich environment
  • No “bad neighborhood” issues on reputable publisher platforms
  • More effective and efficient than most forms of advertising (if properly prepared)
  • Suitable for B2B/B2C and for complex target groups
  • Transparency through reporting based on KPI

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